Evaluation Factors Affecting Profitability

Profits shows the absolute effect of the company without used with regard to resources, so it should complement profitability. The degree of profitability and characterizes profitability. Profitability – a quality, cost indicators characterizing the level of costs or impact the degree of utilization of

Innovative Components Of Modern Advertising

The system of traditional advertising forms that was formed in the twentieth century, is used in modern advertising practice, however, it is much inferior to the latest technology, the cause of appearance of which is the competition in the modern market of goods and

The Use Of Ambient Advertising In The Field Of Childrens Marketing

Specialists in children’s marketing call their customers “three in one”: children are shopping for their pocket money, affect parents’ decisions and form habits and needs, which in the future become a sustainable loyalty to brands. At first glance, children’s marketing is an easy victory,

Marketing Of Crowd: Seo And Smm Together

There is a perception of self-sufficiency of SMM and the end of SEO. It’s not true. Social marketing and search engine optimization can work together, it is called “marketing crowd”. There are a lot of advertising in offline and online: billboards, city lights, banners,